"One is no more armed because he has possession of a
firearm than he is a musician because he owns a piano.
There is no point in having a gun if you are
not capable of using it skillfully."

   (Col. Jeff Cooper)

Are you purchasing a firearm for your personal protection??..

Do you intend to apply for a Concealed Firearm License??..

Do you intend to carry a concealed handgun in public,
for your personal protection??..

Well, then...you should understand that...


Shouldn't you learn how to use that handgun safely and proficiently
as the life-saving instrument that it can be??


Instructor Certifications & Experience:
Now Offering the Following Classes:
Classes Offered on a normally scheduled basis:
  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Council Law Enforcement Instructor (1978-1996)

  • Florida C.J.S.T.C. Law Enforcement Instructor (1996-2013)

  • N.R.A. Law Enforcement Instructor

  • Florida Class "K" Security Firearms Instructor

  • N.R.A. Pistol & Personal Protection Instructor

  • International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Safety Officer Instructor

  • American Pistol Institute (Gunsite) Graduate

  • Member - International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

  • Retired Police Sergeant with over 30 Years of Firearms Training Experience


  • Basic Concealed Weapons- $70
    5 Full Hours of Training
    (Exceeds Florida Training Requirements for a Concealed Weapons License)

    Above and beyond the Basic Concealed Weapons, 5 hour class, I specialize in personal instruction rather than classes of multiple students where the attention that can be given to each student is limited by the student / instructor ratio.
    Interested in a private instruction session? Call or email me and let’s discuss your current training level and requirements. Private instruction allows us to tailor the instruction to your specific needs.

The above class is scheduled through and conducted at: The Gun Shop, Inc. & Gun Range in Leesburg, Fl.

For information on available class dates or to register, stop in or call The Gun Shop. 1310 SR 44, Leesburg, Fl. 34748.


Rates and Required Equipment for Personal Firearms Instruction



Our primary purpose is to provide instruction to law abiding
citizens in the legal, safe and proficient use of Personal Defense Firearms, aiding the student in developing the skills and
knowledge needed to provide for their personal protection
against a criminal assailant’s lethal assault.

All students are required to furnish identification and sign a liability waiver affirming that they have no criminal record that prohibits them from legally possessing firearms, and that they
are not, individually or as a member of any group, involved in
actions or conspiracies that would result in unlawful violence
against any citizen or governmental authority of the United
States, and that they are not addicted to, or under the
influence of, drugs and/or alcohol.

We provide training to defend against criminals or terrorists!! We do not provide training to criminals or terrorists!!

All prospective students must also read and sign a copy of the
Range Safety Rules, acknowledging that they understand and
will abide by the rules, for the safety of all present.

No student's safety is ever permitted to be compromised
by the unsafe actions of another student.

Other Instruction Available:

HR218 Retired Officer Qualification [HR218 Information] HR 218” refers to Title 18, 44 United States Code, sections 926B and 926C, The “Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004.

• Security/Investigator "G-License" Training & Re-Qualification is normally available on weekdays and may be conducted either at The Gun Shop in Leesburg, or at a private range south of Lakeland, Fl.  The 28 hour “G” license class requires 10 students minimum; no exceptions. The “G” re-qualification class may be arranged on a single student basis, but there is a discount for a 5 student group.

• Private instruction is available for individuals, small groups, and families. Private training is normally available on weekdays (Weekend dates are severely limited by prior responsibilities!); and may be conducted either at The Gun Shop in Leesburg, or at a private range south of Lakeland, Fl.

Individuals or families visiting from out of state or from foreign counties are welcome to arrange for private training or a safe, supervised firearms shooting experience. Rental guns, ammo, holsters and equipment are available for your use during training! Please write to make arrangements by e-mail prior to arrival.

• Information regarding women only classes.

• Law Enforcement Individual or Group Remedial Instruction
is normally available on weekdays, either at The Gun Shop
in Leesburg, or at a private range south of Lakeland, Fl.


For rates and information regarding the training shown above;
e-mail Lance Biddle directly.



Phone 863-289-2288 or e-mail Lance Biddle

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