Required Class Equipment

Rates and Required Equipment for Personal Firearms Instruction


A half day (4 hours) of personal training: $160 for a single person, $180 for 2.

A full day (8 hours): $ 300 / $ 340.(With only one or two people, much can be accomplished within those time frames.)

More than 2 people, scheduled together as a group: $150 / 4 hours; $ 275 / 8 hours, per person.

My usual limit is 4. More than four tends to cease to be private training and becomes a class.

Contact me if you have a group of more than 4.

50% of the fee is due with registration, the remaining 50% is due at the beginning of the session.

Failure to show up as scheduled, or cancellations within 7 days of the scheduled training date, require the forfeit of the initial 50% of the fee. No exceptions.

The above rates are for training at The Gun Shop, Inc. & Range, in Leesburg. Florida.

Email or call (863-289-2288) for rates at the private range south of Lakeland.


Equipment & Supplies That Are Required For Advanced Level Training


In order for you to get the maximum benefit from the instruction, it is absolutely necessary for you to have the proper equipment so you can concentrate on the training, and not on trying to struggle with unsuitable, inferior, or unsafe equipment.

• A revolver or automatic pistol that is suitable for defensive use, in good working order, and safe.
I have no minimum caliber restrictions; I recommend .38 Spl./9mm as a minimum, but you may train with the gun that you intend to use for your protection. (Please, NO Hi-Point, Lorcin, or similar unreliable firearms!)

• Reloading devices; 3 magazines or speedloaders, minimum. Magazine / speedloader pouches are highly recommended; otherwise, wear trousers with big pockets.

• A quality belt holster, (leather, kydex, or reinforced nylon) designed to be carried on the dominant hand side of the body; that has some type of restraining device, covers the trigger of the holstered handgun, and allows the handgun to be reholstered with the shooting hand alone. Please, NO cross-draw, fanny pack, or shoulder holsters; and NO "Bagmaster" or similar style holsters

• A STIFF, 11⁄2" leather or nylon trouser belt to secure the holster is REQUIRED! Trousers must have belt loops. Denim jeans, or similar trousers are recommended; pockets are a must, ladies.

• Ammunition. Factory new, or quality commercially reloaded.
150 rounds (minimum) each 4 hour session. More may be needed depending on the training curriculum.

• A cover garment, to conceal your holstered firearm and ammunition pouches. A light windbreaker type jacket, open shirt, or vest will be acceptable.

Please note that, although it is preferred that students use their own equipment; rental firearms and all of the required equipment is available.

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