Women Only Classes by Lance Biddle

Women Only Classes

I offer, and encourage, "Women Only" Basic Concealed Weapons classes, and private, advanced training.
Women are probably most often the victims of violent crime; however, possibly because of lack of familiarity or ill advised social pressures, women often have a fear of firearms, the very tool that will often best provide for their personal protection.

This is unfortunate and unnecessary, as defensive shooting skills consist of manual dexterity, hand / eye coordination, and mental attitude; attributes at which women normally excel

Women normally complete their instruction with a greatly increased level of skill and self-confidence.
My experience as an instructor has shown me that women sometimes feel more comfortable in a setting consisting exclusively of women.

If this describes your circumstances, I urge you to contact me about scheduling a women's only Basic Concealed Weapons class, or to arrange for private instruction.

A minimum of 10 students are required for a specially scheduled Basic Concealed Weapons class.

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